On Aug. 19, local photographers were invited to a free-for-all to photograph Spook Hollow in Marquette Heights, IL. Located at 613 Lasalle in Marquette Heights, Spook Hollow is a charity-driven haunted house that has operated for over 39 years. It is managed by the Marquette Heights Men’s Club of Central IL. Its President is Dale Hamm.

The Peoria Area Photography Society (PAPS), organized by Jeremy Duncan via Facebook, was on the scene with over a dozen photographers Saturday evening.

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While many of these photographers are professionals who charge for their services, they donated their time and photos to help out Spook Hollow. Unlike most haunts, Spook Hollow is not-for-profit, and donates their proceeds back to the community. They are the longest running outdoor haunt in the Central Illinois community. You can read more about them at spook-hollow.com.

PAPS has regular meetups, encouraging its members to hone their skills while helping out local organizations. Photographers that would like to network with others and contribute to the community are welcome to check out PAPS on Facebook.