When making a difficult choice, let love be your only motivator. Right/wrong logic only leads to results as cold and harsh as logic itself.

-George Morris

It’s not every day I get a chance to reflect on something so important that affects us all. Difficult choices are a fact of life and everyone must make them. If only life had a training manual then things would be so much easier. Unfortunately, the reason why many difficult choices are so difficult is because the situation is often entirely unique and the answer isn’t clear cut.

These choices often lead to very good results or very bad ones. One good piece of advice for this is to make a list of pros and cons. If one side is larger than the other then there is a chance you can decide based on that alone. But not every situation warrants that cold type of logic. We are living, loving beings and we can’t relegate every difficult choice to some simple logic; if we could then we’d be no different than a robot, governed entirely by logic.

There was a time when I made decisions almost solely on morals and logic (other times I allowed anger to be my guide). It took me to be led into a bad life situation as a result of this that caused me to wake up and realize why I’ve alienated so many people unintentionally.

One major flaw of mine is I often see potential in other people that they don’t even see yet, and I find myself motivated to try and get them to see it too. Oftentimes I go about this the wrong way, treating them like a defective machine when efforts fail. Then I get frustrated and angry and lash out and end up making them feel angry or awful. This is what happens when you see only logic as your decision making criteria.

If you honestly want to help someone, you’ve got to be patient when they stumble, and let love be the basis of your choices. This doesn’t mean throw logic or right/wrong out the window, but if you let love (not anger, not logic) guide how you carry out your actions then your results will be astoundingly fulfilling.