Hey everyone! How many of you have had trouble connecting to hotspots at places like McDonald’s, Walmart, or even a hotel you’re staying at? The internet is nice but when it’s not your own, there is often a captive portal page you have to click through to get online. Sometimes that portal is not opening and this is what you do.

AWS managed Wi-Fi comes in many SSID’s, so make sure you are connected to it first. They are typically named:

  • McDonald’s Free Wifi
  • attwifi
  • Walmart Wifi

Once you’ve established you’re connected to the right one, open your browser and make it go to pekinwebguy.com (most important site on the interwebs!) and as long as you see a page that asks you to accept terms, that is all you really need. But what if it doesn’t open?

  1. Try a different browser, or clear your browser’s cache. This is often the culprit for a lot of problems. Plus it’s a great excuse to do some much needed housecleaning on your computer!
  2. Navigate directly to
  3. If that fails, open a command prompt and enter ipconfig on windows, and ifconfig on linux/mac. Whatever it says for Default Gateway is what you enter in your browser.
  4. You can also go to wayport.net and it should trigger the captive portal.

This should get you online 99% of the time. Otherwise, they have a support phone number you can call. Given most people come to places like this to relax and eat, I don’t know how many people actually call it (I have, though) versus just giving up on the free wifi, or breaking out their hotspot. Everything mentioned here should take no more than 5 minutes, and maybe 10 if you have to do all of them.