If you’ve ever wanted to know the fastest way to be treated something less than human in Pekin, other than changing your race, it is to be a cyclist. Seriously, all shreds of decency and respect leave every single car driver the moment they see you on a bicycle.

This year is the first year since I moved back to Pekin, that I have decided to get around on a bicycle, mainly for the health benefits. There are a lot of great places to ride, and places like the park and the library are very accomodating to those who get around on a bike. Having said that, the rest of the town is less than warm towards cyclists, and generally are treated like lepers or something that causes cancer.

Care to know my biggest complaint?

The way drivers try to race through an intersection the exact moment they realize a bicycle is the only vehicle coming.

Seriously… I have watched drivers roll through stop signs, nearly coming to a complete stop, but god forbid they come to a complete stop (as legally required) and just let the cyclist through. You see, it isn’t that the cyclist is going to cause them to wait any longer than they would otherwise, it’s just a sick sense of entitlement that people around here seem to have when it comes to being in a car vs on a bicycle. Just about an hour before writing this, some ignorant female driver felt the need to let go on the throttle in her mustang just to get around me. Sounded like shit be-ford hand, still sounded like shit afterwards. The point is, there was no reason for her to do that, just drive normally.

I’m really thinking of investing in a GoPro camera and recording incidents like these. Today is a beautiful day out and I’m going to cut this blog post short. Have a nice day everyone!