My name is George, and welcome to my new blog, where I will be posting from time to time various tidbits of information related to being effective as a webmaster and server administrator. As this is something I do on a day to day basis, I’d like to share my insight with the world.

A bit of background about myself: I started in the IT industry at the age of 16 in 2003. My first job was with a local computer repair shop, that provided me valuable experience in getting started in the crazy world of IT. Since then I’ve moved on to work at various companies, such as Caterpillar, State Farm, Hostgator, Arvixe, and many other companies I’ve performed contract work for. I enjoy what I do, and sharing my knowledge with others is something I particularly enjoy.

I’m originally from Pekin, although I spent 2 years in Texas (which was fun). I returned home in October 2014 so I am excited to serve the community again.

Web work is my favorite, however. Primarily because it is something I can do as a legitimate work-from-home opportunity that is as lucrative as I make it out to be. I specialize in server management, web design, and SEO services.

Now that the boring introduction is over, I can start posting actual informative articles! Looking forward to it!